Make your floors look new again while preserving their personality

Treasure And Protect The Unique Stories Your Floors Tell

Sometimes when homeowners notice their floors are looking worn out, they choose to cover it with carpet because refinishing is too much trouble or not worth it. Unfortunately, this means cherished wooden floors that witnessed so many happy memories end up replaced with carpets or cheap laminate flooring.

While installing new floors has its advantages, most older floors can look brand new when given the proper treatment. They also last longer because hardwood floors made back in the day were the real deal.

We can help you preserve the existing floors in your house so you can continue to enjoy their beauty and personality for decades to come.

Our “Clean and Coat” Service

Not all floors need a major refinishing job. Some just need a delicate surface sanding and a new coat of finish. Our Clean and Coat service does exactly that. After lightly abrading the floor, we use a special machine (power scrubber) that vacuums up dust, and simultaneously cleans and tacks any residue.

All that’s left is to apply two coats of finish to bring it back to its original luster.

What A Proper Floor Refinishing Looks Like

A refinishing job can be done by almost anyone, but not everyone can make a refinishing job look like a masterpiece. We stand behind our craftsmanship and we match it with the latest tools and materials to deliver an astonishing result.


Our powerful dust extraction sander ensures that we keep dust and debris from sanding to a minimum. When the job is complete, we leave your entire house and your floors cleaner than when we got there.


Gone are the days of volatile finishes and paints that give you dizziness for a week. We use high-quality water-based coating and finishes that are children and pet friendly.


Unevenly sanded areas are prone to early damage and create trip hazards. Our sanding machines sand the floor to perfection, which means you get a better coat and a longer lifetime.

Refinish Your Floors In 3 Easy

At Neads Floors we keep you informed and updated at all times. Our process is designed to guarantee a job well done, keep your frustrations away, and bring your needs front and center.

Phone Consultation

If you think your floors would benefit from refinishing, reach out to us. We’ll talk about the project and ask for a few pictures so that we have a better idea of how we can help.

The Refinishing Process​

Our state of the art machines help us achieve smooth sanding.. After that, we’ll coat or laminate your floors to lock the colors in and protect the wood.

Enjoy Your Refinished Floors​

Once your floors are looking fresh and beautiful, your house will feel different too. Enjoy that renewed feeling every time you come home, and love having your friends and family over more often!

Floor Refinishing Prices

We see our work as an art. That’s why we use high-quality materials and spend a great deal of time on every detail, to make sure every refinishing project ends up looking fantastic.

Basic Floor Refinishing*


Includes refinishing of smaller rooms, around 500 sq. ft.

Average Floor Refinishing*


Includes refinishing of medium rooms, around 1000 sq. ft.

High-End Floor Refinishing*


Includes refinishing of larger surfaces like gym floors, of around 2000 sq. ft. or more.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on your square footage, finishes, and materials. You'll receive an exact quote for your unique refinishing project after the in-house consultation.

Our Refinishing Portfolio

We’ve refinished over 3000 floors since being in business.

We love to breathe new life into old floors and give them another chance to shine. We’d love for you to browse our work below.

Here’s What Customers Say About Us


Jeff sanded and refinished our existing maple flooring and it has a beautiful patina.

Good communicator, workmanship superb, and cleaned up daily so there was a minimum of inconvenience. Timely in scheduling.

Thanks Jeff.

Rita K. Granite Bay, CA

Jeff refinished our old hardwood floor that had been covered up with carpet when we bought our house. Under the carpet, the hardwood had some areas of damage and the floors had yellow paint all over.

Jeff repaired the areas and sanded the floors and now it’s beautiful. He did a great job containing the dust to the one area. I’m very happy with Jeff’s work and the floor looks amazing.

Jeff finished the job on time and was a pleasure to work with.

He is very knowledgeable and professional.

Debbie M. Gridley, CA

I was so worried about bringing someone in my home to refinish my floors.

I have had some bad luck in the past and was really dreading picking someone. Jeff was the BEST…he is very Knowledgeable and a very hard worker.

When I spoke with him I just knew I could trust him and he did not disappoint me.

I will use him again and have referred him to all my friends and acquaintances.

Marti M. Carmichael, CA

Give Your Floors A New Chance To Shine